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Benchmarking Your Learning Strategy Against the Best-of-the-Best


OLC 2016 Chief Technology Officer, The Chapman Alliance
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    Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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Is your learning strategy firing on all cylinders?  We're currently in the process of benchmarking learning techniques and technologies used across multiple Training Magazine's Top 125 winners. During this one-of-a-kind webinar event, we'll share some discoveries from preliminary data on innovative best practices in such areas as proactively establishing an informal learning strategy, using mobile at the right time and for the right reasons, engaging participants in social learning communities,  extending learning to partners and customers, creating macro-level blends; and much more.

As part of the study, we're also mapping the use of the top 5 learning technologies used as part of an organizational ecosystem including learning management systems, integrated talent management, assessment technologies, learning content management, social learning infrastructure, virtual classrooms, tools supporting user-generated content, authoring best practices, and even storefront technology used to publish and sell content when needed.   Although the full results of the research won't be available until after Online Learning Conference, this webinar provides a great opportunity to share in some of the early research.  Come prepared to learn about successful learning strategies, what doesn't work, and also share some of your lessons learned through an online survey to see how you compare with other participants.

NOTE: All best practice and technology usage information will be shared as composites.  Any data collected - from Top 125 companies and/or companies participating in the webinar event - will not be associated with an individual organizations (for confidentiality purposes).

In this webinar, you will learn about successful strategies used for...
  • Just-in-time, informal learning
  • Mobile learning (using mobile for the right purposes)
  • Engaging learners in social learning communities
  • Training partners and customers
  • Blending techniques and technologies for maximum utility

About Bryan Chapman

Bryan Chapman has been an active fixture at Training magazine's annual Training Conference & Expo and Online Learning Conference; hosting more than a dozen vendor shootouts, conducting hands-on labs, running experimental learning sessions, assembling metadata analysis of Training Top 125 award winners, and serving as a keynote speaker for Online Learning Asia and Online Learning Europe. For several years, he wrote a popular advice column in Training magazine called "Ask Bryan," answering questions about how to best position and leverage innovative learning technologies in daily practice. By day, Bryan is chief learning strategist for Chapman Alliance, a provider of research-centric consulting solutions that assist organizations in defining, operating and optimizing their strategic learning initiatives; working for such groups as American Express, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Shell, IBM, Microsoft, Home Depot and the American Red Cross.

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