How to Create and Track Adaptive Learning with xAPI and SCORM


Frank pietrantoni headshot
Director, Office of Health Professions Education, Nebraska Medicine
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Instructional Designer, Office of Health Professions Education, Nebraska Medicine
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    Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Join Frank Pietrantoni and Rebecca Davenport from the Office of Health Professions Education at Nebraska Medicine/UNMC as they share their recipe for adaptive learning that combines a little bit of xAPI and a dash of SCORM, and then mixed together in an LRS and LMS.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to enhance learning personalization by adding xAPI statements to the SCORM-compliant elearning your team is already building. This process allows you to create content that adapts to user inputs related to their respective job roles, geographic locations, and/or levels of knowledge.

By the end of this session, you will see how:
  • xAPI can be used in Storyline*
  • SCORM modules published to an LMS can send xAPI statements to an LRS and why this is important
  • elearning can be more adaptive to people’s input
  • mobile technology can be used to deliver and/or assess training

*xAPI is also compatible with , Captivate, Lectora and these other platforms / programs

Q:  What level of experience with xAPI do I need to benefit from this session?
A:  Anyone with a basic understanding of what xAPI is can benefit from this session.  If that's not you, just click here for "What's xAPI?"

About Frank Pietrantoni

Frank Pietrantoni is currently the Director for the Office of Health Professions Education at Nebraska Medicine/UNMC. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Bellevue University where he earned his BA in Leadership and his MS in Organizational Performance.  Frank has worked for Nebraska Medicine for 29 years. He has held several managerial/leadership positions in addition to serving as a Six Sigma Black Belt in Nebraska Medicine’s Six Sigma / Leadership Development Program. He’s taught several ongoing professional development workshops and has presented at Harvard’s Quality Colloquium and for an HC Pro Webinar, as well as presenting at DEVLEARN 2019 and for various xAPI webinars in 2020.

About Rebecca Davenport

Rebecca Davenport, BS, is an Instructional Designer in the Nebraska Medicine Office of Health Professions Education (OHPE).  Her professional experiences span over 25 years and include corporate training, instructional & e-Learning design, project management, and videography.  One of Ms. Davenport’s current professional focuses includes optimization of adaptive learning principles through the use of xapi statements to customize the learner’s experience. 

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