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Co-Founder and Chief Event Strategist, Brella Productions
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Events Production Manager, Brella
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Event Production Manager for Design, Brella
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Creative Director, Brella Productions
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Virtual and hybrid events are complex machines with lots of moving parts. Internal friction between those parts can degrade the experience for learners, presenters, and hosts. We identify common sources of friction and how you can address them to make your next event a smooth running machine.

About Mark Mallchok

Mark co-founded Brella in 1992 with CEO and President Bernadette Burke. A veteran producer and director, he has created engaging corporate meeting and event experiences around the world for notable healthcare, financial services, and heavy industry clients. He draws on his theatrical and film background to find compelling stories that anchor client projects and support their business and learning goals. He specializes in audience and participant engagement, combining powerful technical tools with rock-solid narrative and performance techniques to deliver unparalleled face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid experiences.

About Amanda Bridges

Amanda Bridges leads the Events Division at Brella.  With a decade of experience in event planning and technical production, she helps clients evolve their organizations through engaging, high-impact meetings and events. Her mission is to create flawless, entertaining, and educational experiences that inspire audiences to realize their ambitions.

About Brad Urban

Brad Urban is the Event Production Manager for design at Brella. His 20 years as a photographer and graphic designer allows him to look at big picture production issues from a visual standpoint with a solutions-oriented mindset.

About Dave Less

For more than two decades, David Less has focused on translating strategic goals into creative presentation for maximum audience engagement. From building tension to hold audiences on National Geographic documentaries to creating emotional connections for greater learning retention at international corporate meetings, David is always guided by a respect for the audience to achieve business goals.

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