Work Made Fun Gets Done! Easy Ways to Boost Energy, Morale and Results


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Author, President, Nelson Motivation Inc.
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According to Fortune magazine’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For in America,” 81 percent of workers in companies on the list report that they work in a fun environment. In fact, the variable of “fun” is the most distinguishing variable between those companies who make the list and those that do not. Employees at the best companies are having the most fun and if you make fun part of your work culture, your employees will fare better as well since fun is a proven driver of productivity, results, creativity and better relationships.

Deloitte has labeled the 2020s as "The Workplace Fun Era." With the COVID pandemic winding down, employees of all types and levels, from hourly employees to salaried professionals, from administrative employees to sales reps, people are looking to have fun more than ever before. 

In this fast-paced webinar, you’ll learn how to harness the key element of FUN for yourself, your group or team and your workplace. TrainersL&D professionals and Sales Executives can use these principles to teach your managers to invigorate their teams.  

The session focuses on many low- and no-cost ways to bring fun into work at four levels: Individual, Leader, Team and Organization and will include numerous true-life company examples from the authors’ own experiences.

Topics covered will include:
  •  Ways You Can Make Any Task More Fun
  • Making Fun Safe for Everyone
  • Customizing Fun for Your Work Group
  • Selling Fun to Upper Management
  • Creating and Sustaining a Fun Company Culture

As a result of attending this session, participants will:
  1. Understand the importance of having a fun work environment
  2. Learn specific low- and no-cost ways to immediately make any  work more fun for individuals, teams, and even the entire organization
  3. Gain practical insights to help grow & sustain fun in your organization
All Attendees will receive a copy of Work Made Fun Gets Done! Easy Ways to Boost Energy, Morale, and Results by Bob Nelson and Mario Tamayo.*

* Must attend and be a U.S. resident to be eligible.

About Bob Nelson, Ph.D.

Bob Nelson, Ph.D. is president of Nelson Motivation Inc., a multi-million copy best-selling author, and is considered the world’s leading authority on employee recognition, engagement & retention. He has worked with 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.

Books by Dr. Bob 

About Mario Tamayo

Mario Tamayo is a principal with Tamayo Group Inc., has more than thirty years of experience in maximizing human performance, working with companies such as Genentech, General Dynamics, 2Connect, and Petco.  

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