Webcams at Work: Survey Results of Learning Professionals’ Practices and Perceptions


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Professor of Instructional Systems Learning Technologies, Florida State University
Doctoral Student in Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies Program, Florida State University
Doctoral Student in Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies Program, Florida State University
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Webcams on or off: Do you have a preference? Many people do! In this webinar, we’ll present the findings of a recent survey of learning professionals focused on webcam practices and perceptions. Learn about how our perceptions and use of webcams have developed during the pandemic, and the webcam practices, norms, and woes that surround our use of this important learning and communication technology. A research brief summarizing the findings will also be available to attendees at the time of the webinar.

About Dr. Vanessa Dennen

Dr. Vanessa Dennen is a Professor of Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies at Florida State University where she teaches courses on research and instructional design for online and emerging technologies. She currently serves as Editor in Chief of The Internet and Higher Education. Her research investigates instructional design and learner engagement in online discussion activities; knowledge management, and knowledge brokering within online networks and communities of practice; and social media use in the school context. She has authored more than 100 articles and chapters on these topics, and has co-edited three books, Virtual Professional Development and Informal Learning via Social Networks (2012), Social Presence and Identity in Online Learning (2019), and Reshaping International Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Universities in the Information Age (2021).  More information can be found at

About Kari (Knisely) Word

Kari (Knisely) Word is a former middle school math teacher turned Instructional Designer who started Instructional Design Studio LLC in 2016 and is currently a doctoral student at Florida State University in the Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies program. Kari’s research interests include web camera use in online environments, online learning, social networks & communities, informal learning, onboarding training, and knowledge management. 

About Ömer Arslan

Ömer Arslan is a doctoral student in Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies program at Florida State University. His research focuses on design, development, and facilitation of online courses in higher education settings.

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