Is the Loss of Institutional Knowledge Hurting Your Company?


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Over the next decade, organizations will experience the largest wave of retirements in history.  To further impact turnover rates, Gen X and Gen Y workers on the average are leaving after only 5 and 2 years of services respectively.  

Without a solid and ongoing information succession plan to capture, transform, align and track your employees’ tacit knowledge, your company’s ability to maintain and/or increase its performance will be affected.  

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About Gwen Tracy

With over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, information technology and software, Gwen specializes in showing organizations how they can address business challenges using PeopleFluent’s learning solution. She has worked with companies of all sizes in multiple industries and has extensive experience in helping business leaders transform day-to-day talent management processes into highly configurable and collaborative engagement experiences infused with social, video and analytic capabilities.

About Jeff Fissel

Jeff has spent his career in the video learning space. With roots in using video for eLearning as an entrepreneurial college student, he led the integration of what was KZO Innovations' video technology into what is now the Instilled LXP. Jeff has served as an adviser on video to some of the world's top companies and often shares his thought leadership at conferences, web events, and publications with the industry's top outlets.

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