5 Contradicting Trends In Corporate Training: L&D Reality vs Employee Expectations


Christian erquicia
Global Business Development Manager, Gamelearn
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This webinar will help you understand what employees are looking for in their corporate training, what they expect and what they feel they need. By comparing that to the formats, programs and strategies used by hr professionals, we can see how both groups contradict themselves, and by understanding that, we can improve the corporate training programs so they help employees reach their goals and engage with a useful, effective training.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • Which formats employees prefer to see in their training
  • How you can fulfill the expectations of your employees for corporate training, without going over budget
  • The trends we'll see develop in corporate training on 2021

About Christian Erquicia

Currently Global Business Development Manager at Gamelearn, Christian Erquicia is a Spanish/American business professional with an international background and well-versed in gamification and learning and development. He helps HR and L&D multinational teams all over the world to implement game-based learning methodologies in their companies.

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