Mindset Matters: How to Improve Your Virtual Facilitation Style


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President & CEO, NetSpeed Learning Solutions
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There are myriad styles of delivering instructor-led training online. What can we learn from these various approaches about the use of web cameras, the approach to delivery, and the application of technology? Should the virtual classroom be led by the News Anchor, the Podcaster, the Airplane Pilot, the Technology Guru, the Energizer Bunny, or the Guide on the Side?  Explore these six delivery styles, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and enhance your approach to virtual facilitation.

If you would like to create compelling, engaging virtual learning experiences, join Cynthia Clay and participate actively as we explore how your mindset makes a difference when presenting online. 

Learning Objectives
By the conclusion of this one-hour webinar, you will be able to: 
  • Describe six virtual facilitation styles and their related strengths
  • Avoid the weaknesses of each of the six styles
  • Enhance your online facilitation style to create greater engagement and connection
  • Bring the Virtual Facilitator Trainer Certification (VFTC) program to your organization

Who Should Attend
This webinar has been designed for:
  • Training Managers and Directors
  • Human Resource Managers and Directors
  • Virtual facilitators and virtual trainers
  • Instructional designers
  • Anyone responsible for building facilitated online learning programs

About Cynthia Clay

Cynthia Clay is the CEO of NetSpeed Learning and the author of Great Webinars: Interactive Learning that is Captivating, Informative, and Fun. Her company helps people increase their effectiveness in virtual and hybrid work environments.

She provides instructor-led virtual programs that help employees and leaders communicate effectively, resolve conflict, serve customers well, and lead effectively in the virtual workplace. She also works with clients who are transitioning from the face-to-face classroom to interactive, blended virtual learning. Cynthia is a passionate advocate of brain-based learning and works with training professionals to apply stellar practices in the virtual and hybrid classrooms.



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