“New Normal” Never Arrives. Train Clients to Be Ready for the NEXT Normal


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    Tue, May 25, 2021 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Trends happen for a reason, and you’ve probably been training your clients on how to be virtual, how to manage remotely, and how to use Zoom.  But as you’re wrapping those sessions up, remember: The job of a training resource & consultant isn’t just to deliver what clients ask for today, but to teach them what they need for tomorrow. In 2021, that means helping them fight the temptation to settle into the “new normal” of the moment, instead supporting them as they equip themselves to flex into the next normal after that – and the one after that.

In this session, award winning author and repeat Training Magazine presenter Ed Muzio shows you how to help clients define, discuss, and improve upon readiness for the kind of change that includes neither a clear current state, a well-defined new state, nor a path from one to the other.  This kind of change presents itself as constant and unpredictable, coming up whenever it wants and leaving everyone wondering what’s next – and it’s keeping your clients up at night.  You’ll gain vocabulary for discussing it, tools you can use in sessions, and techniques for working elements that support it into other training you’re already developing.

Several live attendees* will be drawn to win a copy of Ed’s award-winning book. 

*U.S. residents only

About Ed Muzio

Ed Muzio has been called “one of the planet’s clearest thinkers about management practice” – by someone who would know, the editor of a global management magazine. He’s one of a few management systems experts in the world who works directly with C-Suite and executive teams simultaneously to achieve significant cultural shifts throughout the organization in even the most challenging circumstances.  Maybe that’s why one reviewer called his bestselling book, Iterate, “a must read for CEO’s and leaders.” 

Focused on improving human performance through his analytical approach to culture change, Ed works with Fortune 500 leaders and managers, individual practitioners, and everyone in between. He has been featured as a workplace dynamics expert in international media ranging from CBS and The New York Post to CEOWorld and Business Management Daily.



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