Why Blended Learning Helps Upskill and Engage Your Workforce


Libby mullen
Senior Director of Talent Development & Learning Culture, BizLibrary
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    Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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As a learning and development professional, you’re constantly looking for the most effective strategies to train and develop your employees. There are so many tools available, but each option always feels like something is missing.
During this webinar, Senior Director of Talent Development & Culture at BizLibrary, Libby Mullen-Eaves is going to share why blended learning is the secret to filling in those missing pieces. Libby will explain how utilizing a blended learning approach has helped boost the effectiveness of other organizations’ training programs and how it can positively impact yours as well.
Key Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the benefits of blended learning including increased engagement from both front line and virtual employees as well as saving money
  • Discuss strategies and best practices for using a blended learning approach
  • Understand how blended learning allows for customized employee development and why that’s important

About Libby Mullen-Eaves

Libby is the Senior Director of Talent Development & Learning Culture, BizLibrary; her favorite aspect of her role is developing employees, managers, and leaders to realize their maximum potential. Libby has over 25 years of experience in education, training, and business consultation, both in the higher education realm and in all verticals of the business sector. Building positive partnerships, solving business challenges creatively, and bringing out and developing the strengths in others are what makes Libby “tick.” Libby is a fervent writer, an experienced public speaker, and is most passionate about the importance of life-long learning in helping employees to take initiative to become “Smarter Every Day.” Libby lives out BizLibrary’s core value “Passion to be the Best,” and was recently voted BizLibrary’s Employee of the Year. At home, Libby is a mom to five boys.

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