Video Training Unlocked: 5 Keys to Success in 2021


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Head of Enterprise Video, Panopto
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Training teams have big goals for 2021. Reskilling workers and integrating learning into every day work — top priorities for many organizations — will require trainers to rapidly develop new learning content that's just-in-time.  What should you plan for as you scale your team's efforts to meet this increase in demand? 

Join this webinar to learn more about:
  • Top challenges to keep in mind as you plan, create, and promote your trainings this year
  • Everything you need to tackle those challenges
  • How to create content and promote it in ways that will keep your trainees engaged
  • How to use, both qualitative and quantitative, data to determine the success of your trainings

About Mark Lagemann

Mark Lagemann is the Head of Enterprise Video at Panopto. In addition to leading the organization in virtual high fives, Mark consults with higher education institutions and businesses to help solve virtual communication, training, and learning needs. Mark’s nine years of technology and video communication experience has led to his mastery of video strategy, implementation, and long-term adoption.



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