Short Simulations: Training that Speaks the Language of Salespeople


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Managing Partner, Clark Aldrich Designs
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    Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
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Salespeople need action oriented online training that quickly develops skills. This is true around new hires, new services, and new market conditions. Short Sims are learning scenarios that speak the action- and goal- focused language of sales people. Clark Aldrich will present real world examples of how quick-to-develop Short Sims are empowering training groups to empower sales organizations. 

See examples of Short Sims on a broad rage of topics here:

In this presentation, you will:
  • See examples of Short Sims used in sales
  • Learn how you can build Short Sims using authoring environments you likely already have
  • Understand what topics are perfect for Short Sims, from tactical transactions to complex solutions sales

About Clark Aldrich

Clark Aldrich is the world's authority on "Learning to Do” that bridges the gap between educational experiences and real world impact. 

He is the world's most experienced designer of educational simulations. A philosopher/practitioner, Aldrich has also created and continues to evolve the first rigorous pedagogy around "learning to do" in educational media. 

He has researched and built more custom simulations for more clients—corporate, government, publishing, and military—than anyone else. His clients for 'learning to do' media range from Visa and Sony to the Department of State, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Center for Army Leadership.

Through his simulations, books, TV appearances, articles, and speeches, Aldrich is the recognized authority on designing interactive educational experiences that improve real world behaviors

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