5 Key Principles For Designing and Delivering Video-Based Learning


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Head of Enterprise Video, Panopto
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The need to train remote employees using video has rapidly grown in importance. For the training departments and managers who need to implement it, video-based training offers new opportunities for increased remote employee performance and job satisfaction. 

In this webinar, we will dig into essential techniques to implement video training successfully. We’ll also explore how to measure the impact of these changes, and how to further improve content using the analytic data you collect from video interactions.

We’d like to invite you to our upcoming webinar where we will discuss:
  • Five principles for creating better, higher performance learning
  • How to apply the principles 
  • How to use video analytics to gain support from your most important stakeholders
  • Best practices for how to use video to scale and improve your content 

About Mark Lagemann

Mark Lagemann is the Head of Enterprise Video at Panopto. In addition to leading the organization in virtual high fives, Mark consults with higher education institutions and businesses to help solve virtual communication, training, and learning needs. Mark’s nine years of technology and video communication experience has led to his mastery of video strategy, implementation, and long-term adoption.

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