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Ten years ago, Steve Denning and Seth Kahan set out to evangelize the creation of people-centered organizations—organizations that are good for the people doing the work, good for the people for whom the work is done as well as being good for the organization itself.
Their new books, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management (Jossey-Bass, 2010) and Getting Change Right (Jossey-Bass, 2010) show that an epochal shift is
under way from 20th Century organizations practicing traditional management focused on things—where the firm’s goal is the production of outputs, customers are seen as “demand” that has to be manufactured, and employees are seen “human resources” to be manipulated —to 21st Century organizations that are practicing a radically different management that is truly people-centered
In radical management, organizations have the goal of enhancing customer outcomes and generating customer delight rather than merely producing outputs. They develop relationships with customers rather than merely completing transactions. They inspire those doing the work to contribute their full talents and creativity/. They
instill the values that will grow the organization rather than a single-minded pursuit of short-term economic value. They communicate through conversations and stories rather than command. The combined set of principles and practices constitute radical management.
The transition to radical management reflects the growing recognition in the training and eLearning community and elsewhere that radical changes are needed both in the way we run organizations and in the way we train people to manage and work in them.
In this webinar, Steve Denning and Seth Kahan will give an overview of the principles and practices that revolutionize the workplace and establish a radical management mindset.
In the webinar, you will learn:

  • Why organizations are managed the way they are today
  • What is involved in making the shift from traditional management to radical management, including:
    • The shift in goal from outputs to outcomes and customer delight.
    • The shift in management role from controller to enabler
    • The shift from coordinating work through bureaucratic processes to dynamic linking.
    • The shift from a focus on economic value to the values that will sustain the organization.
    • The shift in communication from command to conversation and stories.
    • The shift in implementing change from top-down to co-creation.
  • How to instill a new mental model of management so that organizations create continuous innovation, deep job satisfaction and customer delight.

Who should participate in the webinar or the workshop:  It’s for anyone who is ready to radically reinvent the world of work, whether you are a senior manager, thinker, activist, insurgent, speaker, leader, consultant, instructional designers, developers, writer, trainer,
subject-matter expert, or student. It is relevant whether you are in the private sector, the public sector, the health sector, the education sector or in an association.

About Steve Denning

Steve Denning ( is the author of the award-winning books, The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Re-inventing the Workplace for the 21st Century (which was selected by 800-CEO-READ as one of the best five books on management in 2010), The Secret Language of Leadership and The Leader's Guide to Storytelling.

From 1996 to 2000, Steve was the Program Director, Knowledge Management at the World Bank where he spearheaded the organizational knowledge sharing program. In November 2000, Steve Denning was selected as one of the world’s ten Most Admired Knowledge Leaders (Teleos). He now works with organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia on leadership, innovation, business narrative and most recently, radical management.

Steve was born and educated in Sydney, Australia. Steve worked in the World Bank for several decades in many capacities and held various management positions, including Program Director, Knowledge Management from 1996 to 2000.


About Seth Kahan

Seth Kahan ( is a Change Leadership specialist. He has consulted with CEOs and executives in over 50 world-class organizations that include Shell, World Bank, Peace Corps, Marriott, Prudential, American Society of Association Executives, American College of Cardiology, Project Management Institute, and NASA. He is the founder of Seth Kahan's CEO Leaders Forum, a year-long learning experience for CEOs in Washington, DC. His book, Getting Change Right: How Leaders Transform Organizations from the Inside Out, is a Washington Post bestseller. Visit for more info and a free excerpt. Learn more about Seth's work at

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