5 Secrets to Revolutionizing Your Digital Workplace


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The recent increase in remote work has accelerated many organization’s Digital Transformation initiatives. Most employees prefer the flexibility and autonomy they get from working remotely. Companies are also realizing the benefits of a remote workforce. They are no longer restricted to talent within their own cities and are no longer confined to their offices as long as they build a resilient, cohesive technology ecosystem and company culture to support this shift.

Technological advancements are making this digital workplace possible and social activism is driving it to reality, but what are the weakest areas of Digital Transformation and how do we overcome them?

In this webinar, we tackle the toughest challenges in achieving digital workplace success. We will also share practical solutions to shape the digital workplace of the future.

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  • The evolution of the digital workplace beyond individual productivity to strategic transformation
  • The role of video-enabled solutions that improve collaboration, communications, and productivity

About Mark Lagemann

Mark Lagemann is the Head of Enterprise Video at Panopto. In addition to leading the organization in virtual high fives, Mark consults with higher education institutions and businesses to help solve virtual communication, training, and learning needs. Mark’s nine years of technology and video communication experience has led to his mastery of video strategy, implementation, and long-term adoption.

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