Why Build a Course When a Job Aid Might Do?


Dawn mahoney
Founder, Learning In the White Space
Matt pierce headshot 350x233
Customer Support Manager, TechSmith
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    Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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What do cave drawings, assembly instructions, and recipes have in common? They are all job aids. Good job aids help people to be more successful in their work. How? By reinforcing learning, providing just-in-time reference material, and other types of guidance.
Join Dawn Mahoney and Matt Pierce as they discuss why job aids work as well as a few tips for crafting better job aids. They will also discuss the various types of performance support tools you might consider when planning your content development.

About Dawn Mahoney, CPTD

Dawn J. Mahoney CPTD is passionate about developing better learning content, better learning strategy, and better dialog—all of it to help facilitate people’s success in their work. She loves to see the moment when the learning dawns on her learners and they begin to get it. In 2015, Dawn founded Learning In the White Space, which is a boutique consultancy devoted to all of the above. What might you need help with? Contact her today! 

About Matt Pierce

Matthew Pierce, a customer support manager for TechSmith Corporation, currently leads the user assistance team, customer success, and sales engineering teams. Prior to this, Matt managed public relations, social media, and video teams at TechSmith. He has also been an instructional designer. Matt regularly contributes to several online publications in the US and UK. He has an MS in instructional technology from Indiana University.

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