Making Interactivity Count: A Path to eLearning Your Learners Will Love


Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Academy
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Engaging learners is the essential challenge that faces designers of eLearning. Regardless of content or technology, there is no hope to create meaningful and memorable experiences that create performance change unless designers can reliably and actively engage the learner’s mind in true learning events. And that translates into designing INSTRUCTIONAL INTERACTIVITY.
This session is an introduction to those design elements that create meaningful interactions. The typical questioning supported by many design models and the primary features of the leading authoring tools lead to boring modules that highlight the trivial and fail to have any lasting impact. Instead, impactful contexts, authentic challenges, powerful gestures and actions, and informative and supportive feedback are the design elements that lead to success. We’ll expose these powerful ideas and illustrate their significance through a number of examples drawn from the training programs of major corporations.
This webinar provides an approach that has proved to have huge impact on the way that eLearning designers view the potential of eLearning. In addition, it is an appealing snapshot into an extended Designing Interactivity for eLearning workshop experience to be offered at the Training 2021 conference in January in Orlando. This is a wonderful opportunity to preview a little bit of that approach and help decide how participation in the full program would benefit your designs.

About Ethan Edwards

Ethan Edwards draws from more than 30 years of industry experience as an e-learning instructional designer and developer. He is responsible for the delivery of the internal and external training and communications that reflect Allen Interactions’ unique perspective on creating Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational learning solutions backed by the best instructional design and latest technologies. 

Edwards is the primary instructor for Allen Academy Certified Instructional Professional Program. In addition, he is an internationally recognized presenter on instructional design and e-learning, has written many e-books on creating effective e-learning. He is a frequent blogger for Allen Interactions’ Blog, and every so often heads out on the road to vlog about e-learning design as it relates to the world around us. Edwards holds a master’s degree and significant doctoral work in educational psychology from the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign.

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