5 Ways Video Can Transform In-Person Trainings to Virtual Ones


Katie herrick1
Senior Video Learning Advisor, Panopto
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    Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Adaptable to both formal and informal virtual learning needs, video helps your team increase training quality, engagement, speed, and effectiveness, all while significantly lowering program costs. With the rise of video as an essential remote workplace tool, we’ll help you narrow in on 5 key video strategies that will get you fast results.

In this webinar you will:
  • Customize your own training content as a department and learn how to share it with your teams
  • Learn a few different ways to make your virtual trainings just as effective as your in-person ones
  • Explore how to use video conferencing, on-demand video recording, a searchable video library, and subject matter experts at your organization to deliver the best possible remote training

You’ll also get access to a popular white paper on “Overcoming the top 5 challenges to training with video.”

About Katie Herrick

Katie Herrick has 10 years of experience in the Education Technology and Training industry.  Katie leads a team of video specialists that support organizations that evaluate the use of video to help overcome internal communication challenges.  During Katie's 5 years at Panopto, she has helped top tier higher education institutions and Fortune 500 companies create a culture of knowledge sharing through video.

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