6 Simple eLearning Success Strategies


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During this session, Dr. Allen experienced some technical interruptions, but they are short.  Kindly be patient with them.  It'll be worth it.

As instructional designers, we know the difference between presenting information and providing learning experiences. But creating quality learning experiences that meet the challenge of being meaningful, memorable, and motivational isn’t a job for the unprepared. If you study all the research, guidelines, and methods promoted, you can become overwhelmed quickly and fall back to content presentations that usually achieve little. Happily, what you really, really need to do can be boiled down to a small number of surefire approaches that are guaranteed to work.

This session presents 6 simplifying strategies to achieve powerful results, win greater support, and make our work easier—all at the same time! 

In this session, you will learn how to do the following and much more…
  • Design backwards (it’s faster, easier, and better)
  • Continuously evaluate designs as they come together
  • Avoid excessive content presentation and achieve greater content mastery
  • Challenge awareness goals and replace them with the “real” goals

About Dr. Michael Allen

Dr. Michael Allen, godfather of e-learning, has been a pioneer in the e-learning industry since 1975. With 45+ years of professional, academic, and corporate experience in teaching, developing, and marketing interactive learning and performance support systems, Dr. Allen has led teams of doctorate-level specialists in learning research, instructional design, computer-based training, and human engineering. 

Dr. Allen has defined unique methods of instructional design and development to provide Meaningful, Motivational, and Memorable learning experiences through "true" cognitive interactivity. He developed the advanced design and development approaches used at Allen Interactions, including CCAF-based design and the SAM process for iterative, collaborative development. 

Dr. Michael Allen was the Director of Advanced Educational Systems research and development of Control Data Corporation's famous PLATO computer-based education system used around the world. He was the founder and former Chairman of Authorware, Inc. and the primary architect of Authorware Professional, which was based on

Dr. Allen's extensive research on creativity and problem-solving. It became a groundbreaking authoring tool combining power and ease of use, and ultimately the industry standard. Authorware, Inc. merged with Macromind/ Paracomp to become Macromedia, which was later acquired by Adobe.

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