Repurposing Your Training Presentations for Video, Print, PDFs, Online Access, Handouts, Checklists, and Summaries


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President, Ellen Finkelstein Inc.
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In this webinar, you’ll learn how to turn your presentation files into 7 different assets:
  • Video
  • Printed documents
  • PDFs
  • Online training
  • Handouts
  • Checklists
  • Summaries

You DON’T have to create assets from scratch! Save time AND give your trainees better access to the material, before, during, and after the training. This training is evergreen but especially valuable during the COVID pandemic, when so much training is being done online.

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About Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen Finkelstein is a recognized expert, speaker, trainer, and best-selling author on PowerPoint presentation skills. One of only 37 Microsoft-appointed PowerPoint MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) in the world, Ellen has been a thought-leader in the field of presenting for more than 10 years. In her books and webinars, she addresses the full range of issues associated with creating effective presentations, including Using PowerPoint for Best Educational Outcomes, PowerPoint for Low-Cost Training, Presenting to Teach and Inform, Effective Presenting in the 21st Century, and more. She's a lively, confident speaker who freely shares her substantial experience in order to help others become more effective speakers and trainers.

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