Compliance as a Culture Strategy


VP, Strategic Initiatives, Cornerstone OnDemand
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    Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Compliance is an essential part of HR, but it is always the bare minimum and should be assessed and analyzed as part of an overall culture strategy. Issuing a policy that says "We don't discriminate" is not the same as a comprehensive inclusion and diversity program.

Following the rules and filing reports are just part of creating a work environment where compliance happens on the way to larger goals for learning, performance, and wellness. But since HR never has to make the business case for compliance, it can be a persuasive approach to larger culture initiatives.

In this webinar, we survey compliance issues, who they affect, and why it's essential to see compliance as a culture issue.

You will learn:
  • What compliance issues create risk for the organization and for employees
  • Why people are the most important aspect of all compliance issues
  • When compliance problems are symptoms instead of causes
  • How to approach different compliance issues using training, tech, coaching, and data

About Mike Bollinger

Mike Bollinger is an accomplished executive with 20 years of experience in positions of increasing responsibility. Mike speaks regularly at HCM thought leadership events such as Evanta, Argyle, HCI, ICMI, TechHR  and others on HR trends, generations in the workplace and how to measure the impact of HR transitions.

Mike is honored to lead a variety of strategic initiatives for Cornerstone and works with client teams who have strategic HCM Transformation conversations focused on delivering value-based customer solutions aligned to strategies and initiatives. Mike and his team delivers complex business process improvement recommendations, provides unique and strategic insight to drive business success and business case execution / ROI results.

Mike has deep HCM domain skills including strategic workforce planning, communication, team building, business case development and leadership. Mike has in-depth knowledge and experience in effective planning, budgeting and management as well as a comprehensive mastery of HCM technologies.



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