The Challenge & Reward of Skill Demonstration


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Head of Evangelism, Adobe Digital Learning Solutions
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    Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Whether you are trying to determine if a retail sales representative can properly manage displays, or a fast food employee can correctly fill orders, there are tons of skill demonstration activities that can be used to validate that learned skills / competencies are being executed in accordance with expectation. But what is the best approach? How are training teams accommodating such skill demonstrations, and how do teams both track these custom bits of evidence and handle the submission of that evidence into a common repository.

Join Adobe’s Head of Digital Learning Solutions Evangelism, Dr. Allen Partridge for this intriguing investigation of the many ways that skill demonstration plays a role in learning programs, certifications, and organizational training today. Along the way Dr. Partridge will demonstrate various methods, describe the learning theory behind skill demonstration and introduce you to some of the specific tracking and deployment technologies used to support such efforts available in Adobe Captivate Prime.

In this session you will learn:
  • What is a skill?
  • What is a skill demonstration?
  • What are some examples of skill demonstration?
  • How might skill demonstrations leverage the Internet of Things?
  • How do skill demonstrations align to common training?
  • How can an LMS facilitate tracking and deployment of skill demonstration efforts?
  • What role(s) do instructors play in skill demonstration & assessment?

About Allen Partridge, Ph.D.

Allen Partridge, Ph.D., is the Head of Evangelism at Adobe Digital Learning Solutions and has 20 years of experience in e-learning, education, games, and multimedia development. He has researched and reported on authentic educational solutions for audiences around the world for the past decade. Allen is recognized for his many online video tutorials and e-seminars, which are a mainstay for e-learning developers and trainers learning to create effective online educational materials.


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