Coaching Tools to Build Trust and Creativity in a New Normal


Certified Performance and Engagement Coach, Pinnacle Performance Consulting
Instructional Designer and Performance Technologist, Pinnacle Performance Consulting
Education and Training Administrator, Florida Attorney General Office
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    Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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The United States is in a crisis. The Corona pandemic now combined with protests in our streets are shaping what will become the new normal for organizations. Many of our first responders and front-line employees have friends and family members who have been directly impacted by these events.

The “re-opening” of America is fraught with peril at home and on the job. Some workers feel like the “circle of trust” has been broken. Recent research displayed in the Harvard Business Review indicates that employees re-enter the workplace with a new “mistrust of institutions of authority." 

Managers, executive leaders, and training professionals need new skills to support employees in these challenging times. Enter the virtual workshop: “Coaching tools to build trust and creativity in a New Normal."

In this lively, interactive session, the professionals of Pinnacle Performance Consulting will cover the following topics:
  • The 11 competencies of establishing a coaching relationship as the foundation of building Trust
  • The elevation of Trust as a primary coaching competency
  • The latest research on the components of building/rebuilding Trust
  • What’s coaching culture have to do with establishing Trust
  • Tools to help leaders build employee-centered creativity

About Denny O. Clark

Denny O Clark is a Senior Executive in both the public and private sectors. He has a strong, award-winning record of achievements in performance improvement, training, recruiting, and diversity, and additional expertise in business operations and sales leadership. Denny is a Certified Engagement and Performance Coach (CEP) through the Human Capital Institute and holds certifications in franchise business development, business risk management, and mentoring programs.

About Filiz Aktan, Ph.D.

Filiz Aktan is a thought leader in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies. She has worked with corporations, consulting companies, and state agencies to create progressive and world-class instructional design. She is certified in Online Teaching, Human Performance Improvement, Green Belt, and Coaching for Employee Retention and Engagement. 

About Kevin Kjellerup, M.Ed.

Kevin Kjellerup is the Education and Training Administrator for the Florida Office of the Attorney General and consultant and coach with Pinnacle Performance. Kevin has trained in the private and public sectors, working with professionals in government, education, and industry using Deming’s quality management principles.


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