Remote Control: Using Video to Develop Skills Across a Remote Workforce


SVP, Sales - Learning Solutions, ELB Learning
VP of Enterprise Sales, Green Flower, Formerly at
Formerly National Training Manager, Osprey Medical
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In this session, attendees will gain insight from practitioners who will share their perspectives on using video to drive skill development programs. Skill development programs require: Access to and absorption of knowledge, proof of comprehension and/or demonstration, practice and mentorship, and stick-to-it-ness in order to effectively apply skills to new areas.

The presenters will highlight how to maintain direction and control of development programs through all facets, prove the power of practice by sharing results from their own programs, and describe the value of mentorship --- especially when we must do so from afar.

Although technology has played a part in learning for decades, it is now critical for us to fully leverage technology to keep people connected and continuously learning. Join this webinar to see how to use video technology as a true partner in connectivity and productivity.

About Geoff Curless

Geoff Curless oversees sales of Learning Solutions for ELB Learning. Prior to joining ELB, through acquisition, he led sales and customer success for Rehearsal and is seen as a foremost expert on video-based practice and coaching technologies. Geoff has more than 20 years of experience in the learning technologies space. In his off time, he enjoys Clemson football and taking care of his two rescue pups, Cam and Kota.

About Don Schmidt

Don is a seasoned learning and sales enablement executive. He has a passion for taking training teams at tech companies and building them into full sales enablement departments. Over the past two decades, he has built enablement and learning programs at companies such as Edmunds,, Best Buy, LinkedIn, and

About David Christopher

As an expert in driving team success, David has developed and delivered comprehensive training programs. He has a history of building and developing regional sales teams that increased revenue and took significant market share from larger competitive companies. An extensive skill set enables him to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to obtain real results.

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