PowerPoint: Faster, Faster, Faster!


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In this webinar, a PowerPoint crackhead shares his mania with all of you.
It’s an addiction, we admit the need to do everything more quickly, with fewer moving parts, and less manual repetition. Let PowerPoint do the heavy lifting for you! Microsoft spent billions of dollars streamlining the Office interface to be fast and efficient, but not too many use any of the really cool features. 
In this hour, that will change when we cover:
  • Five ways to fast track the PowerPoint activity that consumes 40% or more of most people’s time in PowerPoint
  • The four types of shortcuts that enable you to fast track everything
  • Shortcut combos that work really well together

About Taylor Croonquist

The shortcut and productivity guru. Highly opinionated and brutally efficient, he is an extremely patient and effective teacher. Hailing from Seattle, he came up with the ‘One Armed Mouse’ technique in order to be able to combine two of his passions, PowerPoint and coffee: using one hand to hold the mouse, and the other a cup of joe!

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