Help me Obi-Social Kenobi. Social is my only hope. Using the Force of Enterprise Social Networks to Keep Training Alive


Vice President of Marketing, Bloomfire
Ambassador, Bloomfire
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    Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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You slave away at designing your training programs. You struggle to get people excited, enrolled, and in the ‘seats’. The program commences and everyone gives you awesome feedback. You feel successful. Then the momentum dies. How do you keep training excitement alive? How can you boost pre-training anticipation and post-training involvement?

This webinar will answer these questions:
  • What is an ESN?
  • Why do companies use ESN?
  • How can they integrate with training?
  • How can they help post training efforts?
  • What statistical/data benefits can training programs enjoy?
  • What should a trainer look for in an ESN?

Enterprise Social Networks, in combination with your training efforts, can provide the solution you need. Instituting an ESN can not only help you be more successful as a trainer, but can make your trainees more successful at their given jobs. Everyone wins. Harness the Force in this webinar.

About Heidi Farris

Heidi Farris is Bloomfire's Vice President of Marketing. Previously, she led successful marketing teams at TV Guide and SolarWinds. Crediting much of this success to open communication, team collaboration, and ongoing adaption. Heidi is a champion of social networks that enhance the already ongoing efforts of all departments within an organization.

About Kim Carlson

As a Bloomfire Ambassador, Kim Carlson is dedicated to the success of integrating social technologies throughout your organization. With a background in corporate training departments at United Airlines and LifeSize, a division of Logitech, she has been working with cross-functional teams for over 10 years to ensure that organizations are well armed with information to do their jobs.

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