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President, Sealworks Interactive Studios
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Whether you are developing a new course, selecting a new LMS or thinking about developing a mobile app you'll need to understand what's involved in designing and delivering content on mobile devices from smartphones to tablets to hybrids, this webinar will provide a overview of what you need to define, how to sketch out concepts, prototyping and testing your ideas and then how to deliver. You'll learn about apps vs web apps and understand which works best.

The webinar topics cover:
  • Understanding Mobile technology and how to take advantage of it
  • Analyzing your audience and how they are accessing your content
  • 3 Major types of Apps, how you can use them in learning and looking beyond them
  • Prototyping tips and techniques from paper to functional prototypes
  • Several App and Course examples under the microscope

About Nick Floro

Nick Floro is president of Sealworks Interactive Studios, a developer of innovative solutions for the web, cd and digital devices. Nick has over 22 years of experience helping companies design and develop e-learning courses, web apps and platforms. Nick is passionate about how technology can enhance learning and loves to share his knowledge and experience to inspire, teach and motivate. 

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