Tips for the Positive Deviant


Jane bozarth
Author, Social Media for Trainers
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What's a positive deviant?

Researcher Jerry Sternin discovered that, "In every group there are a minority of people who find better and more successful solutions to the challenges at hand. Even though they have access to exactly the same resources as the rest of the group, their uncommon practices or behaviors allow them to flourish".

One of our favorite positive deviants, Jane Bozarth, will lead you on an overview:
  • Who are some positive deviants?
  • What kinds of success have they had?
  • How do they do it?
  • And how can new tech tools help?
  • Plus: 5 critical behaviors necessary for those who aspire to positive deviancy!

About Jane Bozarth, Ph.D.

A decade ago Jane Bozarth moved from the world of traditional instruction to designing and facilitating both asynchronous and synchronous training. Now that technology—and learner access to it—has finally caught up with possibilities, her interests have expanded to the world of social media tools to support and extend the work of the workplace training practitioner. She has an M.Ed. in Training & Development/Technology in Training and a doctorate in Adult Education. (Her dissertation, on workplace social learning/communities of practice, is available free via a Google search).+ You can find her "live" most anytime on Twitter @janebozarth and almost always on Thursday evenings as one of the moderators of the popular #lrnchat sessions. Her Twitter profile describes her as a feral learner, positive deviant, and World's Oldest Millennial. She also drives too fast.

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