Context Matters—Quit Writing Questions and Design eLearning Experiences Instead


Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Academy
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eLearning seems irretrievably bound by questioning and testing—often meaningless and almost always off-putting to the learner. This model is a relic of simplistic primitive models from the earliest days of programmed instruction and seems so standard that it is hard to think any other approach is desirable or even possible.

This webinar presents a model for building meaningful experiences to engage the learner in place of the standard “tell than test” approach to storyboarding and scripting of eLearning. Among the important factors that establish purpose in an eLearning interaction, CONTEXT is the most fundamental and yet is often the most overlooked. We will explore several strategies to structure contextual learning and illustrate the power of these techniques with real-life examples that rely on strong context to enable richly-rewarding interactive experiences.

In this one-hour webinar you will:
  • Experience the motivating result of context-embedded eLearning designs
  • Compare strategies for creating meaningful context online
  • Generate ideas for enhancing designs through extending ideas from actual e-learning modules being used in the industry 

About Ethan Edwards

Ethan Edwards draws from more than 30 years of industry experience as an e-learning instructional designer and developer. He is responsible for the delivery of the internal and external training and communications that reflect Allen Interactions’ unique perspective on creating Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational learning solutions backed by the best instructional design and latest technologies. 

Edwards is the primary instructor for Allen Academy Certified Instructional Professional Program. In addition, he is an internationally recognized presenter on instructional design and e-learning, has written many e-books on creating effective e-learning. He is a frequent blogger for Allen Interactions’ Blog, and every so often heads out on the road to vlog about e-learning design as it relates to the world around us. Edwards holds a master’s degree and significant doctoral work in educational psychology from the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign.

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