Maintaining Employee Engagement in Online Professional Development


Training Team Lead, Rosetta Stone
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    Wed, Dec 04, 2019 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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Employee engagement levels are early indicators of online training success. Engaged learners maintain their interest in professional development and make time to stay the course in order to add new skills and advance their careers. How can your training programs maintain higher levels of engagement?

Join Melanie Rogers, Training Team Lead for Rosetta Stone, as she shares with you:
  • Unique challenges that arise in online professional development 
  • How creating learning communities boost engagement
  • Why motivation increases in a learner-focused environment
  • How engagement and motivation lead to lifelong learning
  • Real-world examples of successful learner engagement
Above all, you’ll gain new insight into how increasing learner engagement in your online professional development programs can translate into improved business and employee performance. 


About Melanie Rogers

At Rosetta Stone, she provides consultative implementation training for language learning programs and is involved in all facets of training development, delivery, and coordination. She recently earned a masters degree in Instructional Design.

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