6 Employee Development Best Practices - Beyond Learning to Deepen the Employee Experience


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Director of Product, Instructure
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98% of companies say they offer employee development tools, but only 26% of employees say they see their companies programs as being effective. How do we better connect our learning and development programs to create the experiences employees seek? Join us to discover the latest insights into what today’s employees are demanding--like career planning, fulfillment through connections, belonging and goal attainment. Then learn more about the best practices and tools needed to create effective employee development programs. 

3 key takeaways:
  • Learn how to connect your learning programs to each phase of an employee’s development, creating a better employee experience overall
  • Get effective employee development best practices and insights
  • Discover what drives your people as individuals and how that shapes their unique career pathing and personal development

About Todd Ericksen

Todd Ericksen has been involved in envisioning and building learning development software for over a decade. He is especially passionate about how we connect with one another, how organizations make decisions and how to learn and grow at work. He has a passion for creating engaging tools and consulting with organizations on how to solve their most pressing challenges.

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