The Trouble with Money: Non-cash Rewards and Engagement


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President, Behavior Alchemy
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Did you know that depending on how it is used, money and other cash-based awards could actually negatively impact your engagement strategies?  This presentation combines scientific studies and examples to show the way that rewards, recognition, program design, and communications should be properly used to stimulate activity and engagement.

About Tim Houlihan

Tim Houlihan is fortunate to indulge his curiosities of human behavior with companies around the world. He pursues answers to and writes about questions such as “why do some environments foster greater productivity than others?” and “how do companies influence the behaviors of their employees, channel partners and customers?”

Tim leads Houlihan Consulting a research, training and design consultancy focused on leveraging the behavioral lens to solve strategic people issues. Before he launched Houlihan Consulting, he was the Vice President of Reward Systems at BI WORLDWIDE.  He was responsible for leading the development and marketing of innovative reward systems, a thought leader in behavioral economics, and chief liaison with academic partnerships around the world.

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