The Problem with the Learning Experience Today and How to Fix It


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Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
Product Manager for Content, SABA
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Deliver Personalization at Scale While Maximizing Learning Impact

Today’s learners want meaningful, personalized learning experiences tailored to their interests and needs, both personally and professionally. And yet, organizations are struggling to deliver personalized learning at scale while aligning learning strategy with organizational objectives.
The truth is, offering a learning experience that’s fun for learners isn't good enough. The same goes for simply opening the firehose of learning content and hoping for the best.
In order to engage learners, develop critical skills and improve employee and business performance, organizations must take a holistic view of the overall learning experience shared by their people and find new ways to enable and measure purposeful learning.
Join David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Carl Crisostomo, Product Manager, Content at Saba Software as they share key insights into how to set the strategic foundation to create a learning experience that engages learners and drives outcomes for your people and your business.

Join us to discover:
  • Why the learning experience matters – to your people and your business
  • How organizations today are delivering (or not) on the learning experience
  • A three-part framework for creating an effective learning experience strategy
  • Measurement that matters – how to prove the impact of your learning

Register today to learn how your organization can create a learning experience strategy that delivers personalized learning at scale while demonstrating measurable results and business impact!

About David Wentworth

David Wentworth has been a senior research analyst for the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) since 2005. He has authored several reports and articles on various human capital subjects with an emphasis on workforce technology, including several reports published by ASTD. These include The Value of Evaluation: Making Training Evaluations More Effective, The Rise of Social Media: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity Across Generations, Web 3.0 and the Transformation of Learning and Mobile Learning: Learning in the Palm of Your Hand. His work has also appeared in Compensation & Benefits Review and T+D Magazine.​

About Carl Crisostomo

Carl is Saba's Product Manager for Content. He is responsible for its content strategy. He's a learning professional and storyteller who believes in using corporate learning to not only solve client problems but also to change people's lives.


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