Microlearning Under the Microscope: 6 Myths Debunked


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VP Product, Qstream
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Learning leaders have so many choices on how to deliver on the strategic promise of a learning organization, but there’s so little time. Making these choices mean the difference between a growing, high-performance organization and one that struggles with the skill gaps that erode competitive value proposition.

Long gone is the dominance and singular choice of the LMS as a central learning system for corporate training and development.  With microlearning and learning experience solutions emerging as independent learning tech categories leaders have options to experiment with new ways of learning – that might work better in their cultures, for different demographic segments of their workforces and in general.
But with so much changing (and with no slow-down in day-to-day learning responsibilities) how can organizations sort through the myths and deploy next-generation solutions that will work best in their unique setting?

In this webcast, HCM tech expert Jim Bowley, VP, Product at Qstream, puts microlearning under the microscope…what it is, what “good” looks like, and where microlearning can complement existing learning technologies and practices.

About Jim Bowley

Jim guides the Qstream product direction to ensure customers benefit from ongoing innovation as their L&D needs evolve.  In the two decades prior at PeopleFluent he held senior product management, product strategy and sales roles, and led innovation strategy for their suite of talent management and learning solutions. Jim has held organizational and communications consultant positions for Willis Towers Watson and Mercer. A recognized thought leader in the human capital management software industry, Jim has been a regular contributor to leading publications such Talent Management Magazine, Chief Learning Officer, Human Resource Executive and HR Magazine.


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