5 Ways Training Managers Can Optimize A Video Library To Overcome Their Top Organizational Learning Challenges


Dave dumler june 2018
Head of Product Evangelism and Product Management, Panopto
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Every year U.S. companies spend more than $90 billion dollars on training and development. Yet training managers continually feel pressure to do more with less — to achieve ever-more impactful results without corresponding increases to budgets.
Fortunately, changing workforce dynamics have created new opportunities for L&D teams to identify what content, format, and delivery will best help their organizations’ employees to learn and succeed.
In this webinar, we’ll investigate the top challenges training managers are dealing with, and how to optimize an internal video library to help relieve some pressure. We’ll also examine which training content and format types that perform best, how to implement an “agile” approach to creating and modifying training videos, and how analytics can be the key to helping improve training content while providing ROI numbers to management.

About Dave Dumler

Dave Dumler heads Product Evangelism at Panopto. His mission is to help professionals understand how video can be used to improve employee training and organizational produc, Panopto sales roles at a variety of companies, including a key stakeholder role at Microsoft.

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