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Build DIY Graphics With Step-by-Step Instruction

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Build Stunning PowerPoint Templates That Work! - Learn to quickly make intuitive, easy to use, professional PowerPoint templates. Great templates mean better presentations. Unfortunately, most do not work and are often misused. Avoid common traps and mistakes. Get the tips, tricks and secrets the pros use to design and deliver PowerPoint templates that everyone can use the right way. Also, get 10 professional PowerPoint graphics and discover a tool to make more. After this session you will be able to:
  • Make professional PowerPoint templates
  • Use Master Slides, Layouts, and Themes for consistency
  • Incorporate easy to edit diagrams and pictures
  • Keep file sizes low
  • Create a two-in-one template optimized for handouts and presenting (to avoid text-heavy slides)
  • Ask questions in the dynamic chat 
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This benefit is available to MembershipPLUS TrainingMagNetwork members.
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