The Many Faces of ROI:
Analyzing Trainings True Value


Owner and President, Center for Performance and ROI
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No organization can escape the damage and the rubble as the global economic and business landscape continues to evolve. In this environment, ROI as a metric is more important than ever. It is a powerful tool to demonstrate the accountability of learning solutions. But even powerful tools have their faults. ROI calculations can seriously misrepresent and overstate the business contribution of a learning solution. ROI is an important metric that should never be allowed to stand alone when communicating results. Enter the new view of ROI – the ROI Quality Analysis reveals the truth and communicates the real business contribution.
This session will include take-away tools that focus on:
  • Applying a performance-centered framework to facilitate discussions that focus on performance expectations
  • Designing learning solutions that increase value by successfully influencing execution in the work setting, business outcomes and a return on investment
  • Analyzing the quality of any ROI calculation to discover and communicate the truth
Participants will take away practical tools they can quickly and inexpensively apply to business strategies, HR software and learning solutions to improve and communicate value.

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