The Power of Learning & Development “Selfies”
How to Enable Self-Driven Career Development


Speaker dawn burke
Founder, Dawn Burke HR
Product Expert, Saba Software
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According to the 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, “…careers and learning rose to second place in rated importance, with 83% of executives identifying these issues as important or very important.” In the modern workplace, the concept of “career” has changed dramatically. “Careers” are no longer a lifetime pursuit of one distinct career path.

And, HR and learning leaders must allow employees to drive their own development. Not only is this what most employees want, it’s also a key component of an effective learning strategy. In this session, we’ll explore what makes up the modern “career” and how to apply new employee-driven learning and development techniques to drive employee engagement and performance.

You’ll gain insight into:
● What makes up the modern “career” and the top career development trends and practices
● Why your executives think career development is a critical element of a modern learning strategy
● How delivering great learning experiences, including employee-driven techniques, leads to better engagement, performance and business results
● How to make career development a part of your learning strategy
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About Dawn Burke

Dawn Burke, founder of Dawn Burke HR, is an HR leader, speaker and writer specializing in new HR practices, engagement and workplace culture. Her HR and leadership career has spanned the last 20 years, most recently serving as VP of People for Birmingham, AL, based, award-winning technology companies.

During her tenure as VP of People, Dawn was responsible for finding great talent, developing team members, and preserving company culture - a culture recognized in Fortune Magazine as one of the "50 Best Small and Medium Workplaces." Recognized as a Top HR Innovator, she is the creator of, and a contributor to a variety of national blogs including Fistful Of Talent.

Most importantly, she is addicted to TV, loves to cry at movies, thinks wine and a wheel of Brie make a well-balanced dinner, and sings in her car daily. Her husband and cat are the Yin to her Yang.

About Emily Manley

Emily is responsible for the product marketing activities of Saba's fully integrated learning and talent management platform, Saba Cloud. As a product expert, she has line of sight into how Saba Cloud can help clients build high-impact learning cultures, embrace ongoing performance management and increase employee engagement with valuable insights. Emily holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Marketing from Carleton University and an MBA from Queen's University.



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