Discover the Real Causes of Your Low Employee Engagement


Engagement Analyst, BizLibrary
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    Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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Employee engagement has become a global dilemma that has cost companies billions of dollars due to lack of profit and productivity. One of the reasons this dilemma has grown so much is because many companies confuse “engagement” with “satisfaction.” While there is some overlap between the two, most employee engagement initiatives don’t get to the real root causes of disengagement issues, so they never see the results they want.   

Join Katie Miller, from BizLibrary, as she starts back at square one and analyzes each piece that is needed to solve this giant puzzle of an organization’s employee engagement.   

In this webinar, you’ll learn:  
  • How the different mindsets of engaged, not-engaged and actively disengaged employees impact their coworkers and the organization  
  • A few strategic models that structure the factors that will be needed to improve engagement  
  • Why employee engagement should be viewed as a symptom and not a cause of an organization’s troubles 
  • How to uncover the correlation between your company’s business challenges and low employee engagement 

About Katie Miller

As the Marketing Events Strategist, Katie spends her days researching and writing webinar content, presenting and moderating webinars for the HR and L&D industry, as well as hosting events with other presenters and partners. She is also responsible for the coordination and management of client-facing events, including BizLibrary's annual client conference.



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