Applying Immersive Tech Best Practices for Varying Age Groups


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According to statistics that address our domestic government workforce rapidly aging, virtual reality can be a lifesaver when it comes to providing a dynamic and effective tool to improve memory retention in the aging workforce. It’s proven that people, especially older people, learn by doing and this is exactly where VR can make a huge impact in your organization.

This webinar series is geared towards Human Resource Content Creators and Managers responsible for developing innovative training programs targeted towards varying levels of audiences. From culture and brand reinforcement training to addressing behavioral change, we’ll dive deep into how immersive technology can be used to target visual learners for continued performance and team alignment.

Listeners will walk away from this session knowing more about:
  • Understanding the difference between mobile experiences versus head-mounted displays for room-scale use
  • How to train varying age groups through VR best practices
  • How to sanitize, store and transport your gear for long-term use
  • How to calculate ROI when it comes to integrating immersive tech in your training programs
  • How to determine employee productivity by using immersive tech

Target Audience: Senior Level Education & Training Development Leaders

About Dave Beck

Dave Beck is a Founder and Managing Partner at Foundry 45, an Atlanta-based company that helps brands tell their stories through Virtual Reality. His company has built almost 100 VR experiences for notable clients such as AT&T, Coca-Cola, Turner, and U.S. Bank.

Before starting Foundry 45, Dave served as the Chief Operating Officer at EquipCodes, a mobile SaaS and Augmented Reality company. Dave serves on the board of the MAK Historic District and is very active in the Georgia Tech community as a mentor and frequent guest speaker. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Wake Forest University and his MBA from Georgia Tech.


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