ENGAGE the Virtual Learner:
10 Interactivity Strategies that Drive Retention


Vice President, Ken Blanchard Companies
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This session will focus on how to keep your learners actively involved and engaged in the virtual classroom. You will learn 10 distinct strategies to drive interactivity and focus learner attention in order to deepen their retention.
Following this session, you will be able to address the number one complaint of the e-learner: lack of interactivity. Help people learn in the way they learn best—by doing, not just listening.

About Vicky Halsey Ph.D.

Vicki Halsey, PhD, an internationally acclaimed speaker, is the Vice President of applied learning for The Ken Blanchard Companies. Vicki is the author of the bestselling book Brilliance by Design, and co-author of the bestselling books The Hamster Revolution and Blanchard’s Leading at a Higher Level. She also co-authored Blanchard’s Legendary Service program, its award-winning Situational Leadership® II eLearning program and their Executive MBA program. Vicki designs and delivers leadership. learning and service initiatives to such powerful Fortune 500 organizations as Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s, Shell Oil, Nike, Gap, Chick-fil-A, and Procter& Gamble.

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