The 350,000 Year Daily Talent Cliff


SVP Learning and Social Adoption, SuccessFactors
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Today, 10,000 Baby Boomers retired in the U.S.  On average, they have 35 years of experience each, across every type of job in your organization.  Tomorrow, it happens again.  And the day after, until 2030.  That means every day, 350,000 years of experience just left the workforce, an unprecedented departure  in business history.

In many organizations, due to downsizing in the '80s and '90s, combined with a smaller Gen X overall population, it's not unusual to see a 60/20/20 population spread, where 60% of the population are Baby Boomers and 20 percent for Gen X and Gen Y.  Thus many jobs held by people with 35 years experience will be backfilled by people with 5 years of experience.  How do we get them ready quickly?  To address this massive exit of skills and knowledge, companies are engaging in a number of programs to ensure capability continuity.  Examples include American Express with a skills transfer strategy, Lockheed Martin's knowledge continuity plan, and on-demand, self-constructed learning at Telus.

This webinar will cover 7 strategies for accelerating time to competence so you can prepare your organization for the daily talent cliff.

About Karie Willyerd, Ph.D.

Karie Willyerd is the Workplace Futurist in the HR line of business for the SAP Cloud.  Prior to that she was the cofounder and CEO of Jambok, a video social collaboration platform acquired by SuccessFactors in 2011 and now part of the SAP Jam platform. While Karie was the Chief Learning Officer for Sun Microsystems, she and her team won the most awards for learning excellence in history, including being named by ASTD as the #1 BEST in the world.

She is the coauthor of the bestseller, The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop & Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today and has written dozens of articles, including a feature in Harvard Business Review on Mentoring Millennials.  She blogs for Harvard Business and Forbes, and is an advisor to the business school at Colorado State University and the Center for Effective Organizations at USC.  She serves on the board of City Year, Silicon Valley.  Karie is at work on her next book -- Stretch: How to Future Proof Yourself for Tomorrow’s Workplace, to be published in October, 2015.

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