The Beginner’s Guide to Voice UI LX Design


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    Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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    1 Hour
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Voice user experiences, like Alexa, Google, Cortana, and Siri,  becoming as prolific as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Learning professionals need to start exploring ways to effectively incorporate voice technology into the learning ecosystem. Designing for voice interaction can be intimidating because the tech is so new. How do we translate our existing skills in order to create engaging voice learner experiences? 

In this session, you learn how to translate your existing skills to design for a voice user interface (VUI). We will explore the basics of VUI design including, sample dialogs, flow diagrams, prompt lists, and mocks. Then we will apply these concepts using free tools to develop and test a VUI learning experience that can then be used to program a skill for a voice app like Alexa or Google Home.

About Myra Roldan

An award-winning instructional designer & author, Myra is a seasoned L&D professional who has helped large organizations implement and integrate new and emerging technologies like, interactive video, augmented reality, virtual reality, and conversational AIs into the learning ecosystem. Her goal is to remove the fear of technology from the equation. She helps learning professionals develop the knowledge and future-oriented skills innovate and deliver effective learning experiences that align with an organization's business goals. Myra is employed at Amazon and has earned an MBA, MSEd and a Bachelors of Computer Science. 


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