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Retaining and engaging employees are two goals that every organization is striving to achieve. Studies have shown that having engaged employees can drastically improve your bottom line, and a high level of retention is a key indicator that your company is filled with satisfied employees. 

Although most organizations are striving for increased retention and engagement, that doesn't mean it can be achieved quickly. Engagement and retention increase when company culture is improved, and having opportunities to develop your employees plays a big part in creating a strong culture. One strategic way to develop employees is through mentor programs. Many leaders like the idea of a mentor program but aren’t sure how to make it successful.

If that’s you, join Libby Powers, as she discusses how to build a strong mentor program that will help you achieve your goals of increasing employee retention and engagement.

During this webinar you will learn: 
  • Key attributes needed for a strong mentor program 
  • A step-by-step process on how to build your mentor program 
  • How mentor programs can help increase employee engagement and retention 

About Libby Powers

Libby works with her clients on training strategy and marketing as a Client Success Consultant with BizLibrary. As a Client Success Consultant, it is her responsibility to build and sustain meaningful client relationships, ensuring success of clients with their learning and development needs. She works strategically with all levels of organizations to gain optimal results with the BizLibrary solutions. Prior to her work at BizLibrary, Libby worked as an account executive, operations director, and teacher.

About Katie Miller

As the Marketing Events Strategist, Katie spends her days researching and writing webinar content, presenting and moderating webinars for the HR and L&D industry, as well as hosting events with other presenters and partners. She is also responsible for the coordination and management of client-facing events, including BizLibrary's annual client conference.

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