In Case of Emergency – Workplace Safety:
Create Engaging Training to Prepare Your Employees for Any Situation


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Strategic Relationship Manager, Allen Interactions
Co-Founder and Solutions Architect, Allen Interactions
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Workplace safety is more than just a box to check. Employees need to know the right procedures to take in case of emergency. And the learning from that training needs to stick so if the worst occurs, everyone knows exactly what to do.
When things go wrong in the workplace: employee problems, natural disasters, criminal activity, even building structural failures; safety is one of the most important training solutions in any organization.

As both a compliance regulation and protection for your most valuable asset, efficacy of this training is the puzzle piece that your organization needs to fit snugly into place for your employee's protection and yours.

Lisa Stortz and Scott Colehour will take a look at some of the dynamic safety training solutions that we've created for our partners. In case of emergency, you will want your team to know exactly what they need to do and when to do it.

About Lisa Stortz

Lisa Stortz consults with clients to ensure that performance outcomes align with business objectives. She uses her more than 25 years of experience to continually add value to her relationships. Lisa was formerly a managing director at a top investment firm where she led marketing and was part of several strategic ventures. Prior to coming to Allen Interactions, Lisa led the business development for a leading advertising firm. Lisa is a lifelong learner and turning complex business challenges into meaningful and memorable experiences energizes her. Lisa is currently Strategic Relationship Manager at Allen Interactions, working with top companies to ensuring e-solutions are meeting their business needs.

About Scott Colehour

Scott Colehour has been in the e-learning design and development industry for more than 25 years.  He is co-founder and solutions architect of Allen Interactions, which builds interactive custom learning solutions to fit organizational and business needs. Scott has participated in the design of over 400 e-learning initiatives.  His vast knowledge of instructional interactive design methodologies are rooted in the philosophies of performance and practice-based learning. 

Prior to joining Allen Interactions, Scott served Macromedia Inc. in many roles including technical customer support, training developer/instructor, multimedia consultant, tradeshow/conference manager, manager of sales support engineers, and national sales account manager.

Scott also served Authorware Inc. by designing and developing multimedia-based training applications to demonstrate the feasibility of applying multimedia to solve specific corporate performance problems. Prior to his experience with Authorware, Scott was a system analyst/interactive training developer for West Publishing Inc.

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