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The Learnertainment(r) Trainer, Offbeat Training LLC
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Walt Disney once proclaimed that the gap between entertainment and education is an old and untenable viewpoint. The entertainments Disney created were both informative and enjoyable—unlike many learning programs. When engagement and learning are aligned, as Disney did, the result is magical; participants pay attention, they absorb information, and they change behavior.

Join Training Magazine for a live webinar where you will learn how Walt’s engagement strategies apply to learning so you can deliver an interactive and engaging learning experience. This webinar will help you identify tactics you can apply to increase engagement and reach higher retention.

About Lenn Millbower

Lenn Millbower is a creative and dynamic learning leader, instructional designer, and trainer with years of experience at Walt Disney World, the Disney Institute, and Walt Disney Entertainment; the president of Offbeat Training LLC where he revitalizes boring programs with entertainment-based methodology; a published author whose works include The Learnertainment® Pocket Tip Book and Training with a Beat; a national presentation skills reporter for Examiner.com; a frequent speaker at major conferences, and winner of the prestigious Walt Disney Company Partner’s In Excellence lifetime achievement award.

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