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We know that VIDEO is now considered to be an essential for engagement and as a vital component in training.

In this session, we'll delve into and answer these questions:  How can we incorporate video into our training modules? More important, where can we get relevant videos? Producing our own may be the ideal, but, beyond the costs, what are the legal issues? How can we incorporate content created by others to produce our customized “on point” training?  Is there no-cost or low-cost footage out there?  Do we link, embed, copy? What about mash-ups?  

As with all things involving copyright, IT DEPENDS.

Join us in this follow-up to Copyright Basics for Trainers: Selecting Images and Music That Won’t Break the Budget—Or the Law as we DIG DEEPER into how to use video legally.

About Barbara Ingrassia

Barbara Ingrassia comes from an academic library background. She has studied the “murkiness” of copyright law with the Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Maryland, the Special Libraries Association, Duke University and the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School. She has facilitated workshops for various professional organizations both virtually and face-to-face.

As President of Manage Copyright, she helps individuals and organizations navigate copyright law in the digital age by facilitating a review of their  “public presence,” developing Best Practices, and training their staff.

Ingrassia enjoys bringing some fun to a (potentially) dull topic. Her motto:  Manage Copyright. Don’t let it manage You!

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