Leveraging Learning to Build Agile, High-Performing Organizations


Founding Partner, Valeocon Management Consulting
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    Tue, Oct 09, 2018 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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In times of unprecedented change and disruption, organizational agility is crucial to effectively cope with complexity. This webinar explores why traditional models and frameworks for dealing with change fail and what learning leaders can do to enable employees to thrive despite uncertainty.
Using real-world examples, Thomas Bertels provides a framework for identifying opportunities and reviews selected tactics for learning leaders to prepare their organizations to succeed in a VUCA world and accelerate employee development. Learn how learning and development professionals can support business leaders in creating agile and nimble organizations. 

Join this interactive and engaging webinar to:
  • Explore the underlying forces resulting in unprecedented rates of change
  • Understand the importance of organizational agility to thrive in a complex world
  • Examine the role learning and development professionals play to build and sustain organizational agility
  • Discover the guiding principles for building resilient organizations 

About Thomas Bertels

Thomas Bertels, MBA, is a founding partner of Valeocon Management Consulting and a recognized expert on organizational transformation. Thomas has been consulting to many of the world’s leading organization over the last twenty years. He is a published author and frequent speaker at conferences.


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