508: Improving Engagement and Comprehension of Training Videos the Oracle Way


Ben labrum
Sr. Principal Product Manager, Oracle University Digital Learning
Lily bond
Director of Marketing, 3Play Media
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Are you using video in your training? This session is for you! We'll cover the legal requirements for making training video accessible, the benefits of captioning, and how to get started with captioning.

Sr. Principal Product Manager of Oracle University Digital Learning, Ben Labrum, will discuss how Oracle uses video in training, why they decided to caption, and the impact of captioning and transcription on engagement.

Topics include:
  • Legal requirements for captioning training videos
  • Benefits of captioning training videos
  • Actionable tips for getting started with captioning
  • How Oracle uses video for training
  • Why Oracle decided to caption training videos
  • Oracle's workflow for captioning and transcription
  • How captioning their training videos improved engagement
  • How captions and transcripts improve learning and comprehension

About Ben Labrum

Ben Labrum is Sr. Principal Product Manager of Digital Learning at Oracle.  In 2011, he was central to introducing a successful video-based training product which leverages transcription to enable captions and search.  Since then, Oracle University's digital learning curriculum has exploded.  It is now a multi-million dollar business providing Oracle customers with almost 1000 active courses and learning subscriptions containing about 60,000 transcripts.  Ben is looking forward to sharing insights he has gained building and managing an operation of this scale.

About Lily Bond

Lily Bond is the Director of Marketing at 3Play Media, which provides closed captioning and audio description services to make video accessible, searchable, and more engaging. Lily has authored numerous papers and over 100 articles on the topic of closed captioning, accessibility laws, audio description, and emerging standards, and often speaks on the subject.

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