7 Questions to Help Learners Apply Ideas at Work


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Architect of TrainingMagNetwork.com, Chief Learning Officer of Vignettes Learning
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A major criticism of the training and learning industry is our inability to translate ideas and knowledge into actual work areas. The leaders say, “training is a waste of time” or “training is slow and irrelevant” and does not support the business. One key reason is that many of our lessons and programs are designed to remember things, but not apply them. Remembering does not mean always applying.

In this webinar, you will learn 7 key questions that improve the learners’ and workers’ ability to apply ideas in actual work situations.

Topics cover:
●     Why is there is gap between learning and applying?
●     What are the causes of the gaps?
●     What must be fundamentally challenged in how we design our lessons and programs?
●     How do we rephrase, reshape and rethink the questions we use in lessons?
●     What are the 7 questions that will help - avoid errors, identify the cost areas, increase speed, reduce stoppages, engage workers, and many others?
Attend the webinar and obtain for Free - three “Situation Micro-Videos and Exercises” to apply questions and ideas at work. 

About Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

Ray is the Chief Learning Officer of Vignettes Learning, a consulting, content development, and platform company focusing on how to make content smaller, more engaging and accessible. He is the author of 3-Minute eLearning, Scenario-Based eLearning, and Do-it-Yourself eLearning. He developed and delivers the popular online workshops on “Story-Based eLearning Design”, “Micro-Learning for Disruptive Results”, and “The Masterful Virtual Presenter.” He serves companies like Nestle, NASA, US Air Force, British Petroleum, Phillips 66, Neiman Marcus, Caltech, Edison International, Pacific Gas & Electric, Progressive Insurance, to name a few. He teaches at the University of California, Irvine, and in workshops and conferences for Training Magazine, ATD and eLearning Guild.